Apr 11, 2011

Paperclip Dress??

 Greetings, earthlings! I have once again slipped into the barely traversable fog that is my school life. I tried my hardest to plan this quarter so that I wouldn't be up until 2 a.m. every night finishing articles, but, to put it simply, I failed miserably. My current projects include: designing a dress around a paper clip (I kid you not), a magazine article on young women vegetarians & a disgusting amount of ART HISTORY READING. So, on the off occasion that I do get to go out and spend time with friends, I try and play dress up as best I can. This past weekend, I was feeling nautical stripes and my blazer. I thank my roommate for the waves in my hair. She works that curling iron like nobody's business.

Here is version #1 of my paperclip inspired dress. Now I hear you all wondering aloud, "I don't see a paperclip..." It's about INSPIRATION, people. (And yes, I did cut Scarlet Johnansson's head out of Marie Claire magazine)

So how was everybody's weekend? (I just got my camera back, my sister took it to Vegas, so my goal is more outfit posts like I did in the past!!)

Mar 24, 2011

New things!

It's safe to say I look pretty zombie-like in these images. Awesome.

I'm just messing around with the photo editing apps on my newly purchased iPhone. It's quite exciting to own a device that can do so much. I sent an email while walking to class to the other day and when I told my roommate of this fascinating experience, she simply smirked and said, "Um... welcome to 2011." Well excuse me. I was that person who clung to my old-brick-mobile-talking-device for dear life, despite it's clear non acceptance in the 21st century. But whatever, enough tech-talk. Feast your eyes on my newly purchased goods!

Fedora - Forever 21                                                    Faux Fur Vest - Baker's
Salmon Nail Polish - Love & Beauty
Energy (Orange Ginger) Aromatherapy Candle - Bath & Body Works
Aviators - Fossil 

Now if only it weren't 40 degrees out! Spring, by calendar-terms, is technically here. Well, I've only been getting glimpses of her then she goes into hiding and lets Mr. Snow and Mr. Rain take over... what the fuck, Spring? If I have to be that girl who wears sandals in 40 degree weather, then so be it! You've left me no other choice. Here's to hoping your weather is better than mine! 

OH YES, A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY FAVORITE, WITTY (albeit sarcastic) BLOGGER STEPHANIE! She has made a triumphant, if not Led-Zeppelin-esque, return to the blogosphere from the dark abyss, I presume. Thanks for the award, lady! But since you have ruled that there are no rules regarding this particular award, I shall simply pass it on in hopes that I get more followers make some new friends!

Mar 14, 2011

Buckeye Pride in the Fashion World

So Nary asked me for the article I wrote about him, so I figured hell why not post it to my blog too. I told you guys I would, so here you go! If any of you are brave, read on! If you have the attention span of a chihuahua, then maybe this post isn't for you. But I can guarantee this: you'll be missing out on an inspirational life story... and we could all use one of those!

In a sea of black, there is a solitary splash of bright red. Closer observation reveals a T-shirt emblazoned with nine large, white letters reading OHIO STATE.

It is New York Fashion Week and the shirt is unconventional to the illustrious scene, but its wearer is finding himself well received by the fashion world he has long dreamed to be apart of, a world universes away from the one in which he grew up.

Nary Manivong just presented his first collection with design partner Ally Hilfiger, and as they stand hand-in-hand in front of photographers, Manivong wears his Ohio State shirt with a wide smile. While he keeps a firm grip, literally, on his hard earned New York City success, his shirt establishes a connection to his hometown roots which, ironically enough, he doesn’t technically have.

The Laotian-American designer, who grew up in Columbus, became homeless by the age of 14, eventually separated from his siblings and was left to fend for himself. Instead of disassociating with Columbus and his rough past, however, Manivong has made a name for himself in fashion while embracing his hometown and all those who have supported him along his challenging journey.

Mar 6, 2011

Stolen Goods

Greetings from the library, friends!  I stole borrowed these awesome glasses from my mom.  She's out of town this weekend, which means her wardrobe is a free for all!  She remodeled my bedroom into a closet the second I moved out, so really I consider this an open 24-hour invitation to shop.  Sorry about the crap quality of my webcam, my laptop is sort of old, but I love it anyway.  You should also notice that I'm rocking my awesome DRESSED t-shirt, which I did not, in fact, "steal." I bought it myself, thank you very much!  I get so many questions about it!

I also took this from the back of my mom's makeup cabinet.  Any idea how to use it?  It's called Chanel Sheer Illuminator.  I can't find any verifiable information on the internet how to properly use it.  It seems to be a makeup base?  All I know is that is smells amazing.

Maybe I should let it be known that my mom, my sister & I share everything.  So me taking these things from home really isn't a big deal.  It's awesome that we're all relatively the same size and enjoy the same products, because we can each make an outfit or an accessory our own and not to mention it's a huge money saver!

P.S. I'm finishing my feature story on Nary Manivong this week.  So hopefully it will be good enough to share with you all.  I've been working hard on it, I want to do him justice!  

Feb 27, 2011

NAHM in Columbus

As I mentioned two posts ago, I am doing my final feature project on Nary Manivong - co-creator of NAHM, the line he and Ally Hilfiger recently debuted during NYFW.  He is from Columbus, Ohio (where I live) and as luck would have it, he came back this weekend for the premiere of the documentary "Dressed," which depicts the real struggles of venturing into the fashion business through Nary's personal story; his tireless attempts to put on his first fashion show without any financial backing (among a slew of other afflictions). For me, it was a movie about perseverance, but also about how far supportive friends and a positive attitude can take you in life.

His story is heartbreaking, inspirational but most importantly it's totally genuine. There are no pretenses with him.

After meeting him (and Ally! who is ever-smiling and friendly as can be) and getting to know him a little bit over the next couple days,
I can honestly say I have never met a more sincere, gracious or deserving person.
And, strangely enough, we are both twins and share the same birthday, May 17!

 Nary, me & Ally Hilfiger

Goddd why must I have THE roundest face in the history of faces!?

This is just the beginning! I am in the process of constructing my story and I have more pictures to share.
Stay tuned!

Feb 22, 2011


In honor of Adele's newest album "21" being released in the states today, here are some of the stunning pictures via the digital booklet that came with the album download on my iTunes.  She really is stunning and her music is so intense, yet understood.  In my opinion, her voice is in league with the greats.  I can imagine every one of her songs being played in the background of movies like Notting Hill, Love Actually, Bridget Jones' Diary, The Holiday or My Best Friend's Wedding.  If you aren't acquainted with her music yet... well what are you waiting for?

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Feb 8, 2011

Nary Manivong

Nary Manivong:
from the Columbus streets to New York Fashion Week 

Nary Manivong from StyleLikeU.com from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Nary is actually from my hometown and I'm doing an interview with him for an article I'm writing.
(For those unaware, I am a third year journalism and fashion student)
I am beyond thrilled, and I hope to be able to share it with you all soon, 
as soon as the chaos of fashion week dies down!
Keep a lookout for his newest line "NAHM" (collaborated with Ally Hilfiger) this NYFW.