Feb 27, 2011

NAHM in Columbus

As I mentioned two posts ago, I am doing my final feature project on Nary Manivong - co-creator of NAHM, the line he and Ally Hilfiger recently debuted during NYFW.  He is from Columbus, Ohio (where I live) and as luck would have it, he came back this weekend for the premiere of the documentary "Dressed," which depicts the real struggles of venturing into the fashion business through Nary's personal story; his tireless attempts to put on his first fashion show without any financial backing (among a slew of other afflictions). For me, it was a movie about perseverance, but also about how far supportive friends and a positive attitude can take you in life.

His story is heartbreaking, inspirational but most importantly it's totally genuine. There are no pretenses with him.

After meeting him (and Ally! who is ever-smiling and friendly as can be) and getting to know him a little bit over the next couple days,
I can honestly say I have never met a more sincere, gracious or deserving person.
And, strangely enough, we are both twins and share the same birthday, May 17!

 Nary, me & Ally Hilfiger

Goddd why must I have THE roundest face in the history of faces!?

This is just the beginning! I am in the process of constructing my story and I have more pictures to share.
Stay tuned!


  1. Cool post! Waiting for new pictures :)

    Following you, nice blog :)
    Follow us back, if you want!


  2. amazing! i love it !:)


  3. This is so cool! and you live in Columbus?! I just moved to Dayton from there. Nice to see a blogger from a Ohio!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. very cool!

    you asked where i got my clothes - i really don't have one specific place. i live for good vintage stores. i also like urban outfitters, forever 21, target, and madewell. annnnd modcloth.com!

  5. How awesome! What a great opportunity!

  6. what an awesome experience! Can't wait to see the rst of the pictures :-)

  7. this is so awesome! i really want to see that documentary. and you look gorgeous :) x

  8. i looooove ally hilfiger!

    you have a great blog; i'm at work and looking through it right now!



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