Mar 24, 2011

New things!

It's safe to say I look pretty zombie-like in these images. Awesome.

I'm just messing around with the photo editing apps on my newly purchased iPhone. It's quite exciting to own a device that can do so much. I sent an email while walking to class to the other day and when I told my roommate of this fascinating experience, she simply smirked and said, "Um... welcome to 2011." Well excuse me. I was that person who clung to my old-brick-mobile-talking-device for dear life, despite it's clear non acceptance in the 21st century. But whatever, enough tech-talk. Feast your eyes on my newly purchased goods!

Fedora - Forever 21                                                    Faux Fur Vest - Baker's
Salmon Nail Polish - Love & Beauty
Energy (Orange Ginger) Aromatherapy Candle - Bath & Body Works
Aviators - Fossil 

Now if only it weren't 40 degrees out! Spring, by calendar-terms, is technically here. Well, I've only been getting glimpses of her then she goes into hiding and lets Mr. Snow and Mr. Rain take over... what the fuck, Spring? If I have to be that girl who wears sandals in 40 degree weather, then so be it! You've left me no other choice. Here's to hoping your weather is better than mine! 

OH YES, A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY FAVORITE, WITTY (albeit sarcastic) BLOGGER STEPHANIE! She has made a triumphant, if not Led-Zeppelin-esque, return to the blogosphere from the dark abyss, I presume. Thanks for the award, lady! But since you have ruled that there are no rules regarding this particular award, I shall simply pass it on in hopes that I get more followers make some new friends!


  1. A very colorfull zombie ;)

  2. Love the aviators x

  3. Haha great picture, and im loving the fedora!

    ps. create a look in my polyvore mini editor and have a chance to win a trip to NY!

  4. You are so cute!
    I like your blog as well x

  5. thanks for your sweet comment!
    come visit again throughout this week to see an in-depth look at Nashville Fashion Week!


  6. you make a way more attractive zombie that i ever could haha and that fedora is adorable. hope you get to wear it soon!


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