Mar 6, 2011

Stolen Goods

Greetings from the library, friends!  I stole borrowed these awesome glasses from my mom.  She's out of town this weekend, which means her wardrobe is a free for all!  She remodeled my bedroom into a closet the second I moved out, so really I consider this an open 24-hour invitation to shop.  Sorry about the crap quality of my webcam, my laptop is sort of old, but I love it anyway.  You should also notice that I'm rocking my awesome DRESSED t-shirt, which I did not, in fact, "steal." I bought it myself, thank you very much!  I get so many questions about it!

I also took this from the back of my mom's makeup cabinet.  Any idea how to use it?  It's called Chanel Sheer Illuminator.  I can't find any verifiable information on the internet how to properly use it.  It seems to be a makeup base?  All I know is that is smells amazing.

Maybe I should let it be known that my mom, my sister & I share everything.  So me taking these things from home really isn't a big deal.  It's awesome that we're all relatively the same size and enjoy the same products, because we can each make an outfit or an accessory our own and not to mention it's a huge money saver!

P.S. I'm finishing my feature story on Nary Manivong this week.  So hopefully it will be good enough to share with you all.  I've been working hard on it, I want to do him justice!  


  1. This makeup base looks very appealing..
    Ha and I totally agree on the sheer skirt thing. I liked the photo, but I put in writing that I am NOT on the sheer skirt bandwagon. Lol. Unless you're going to the beach or something. Even if you have a nice a$$.

  2. Omygoodness you met Ally Hilfiger?? Jealousy! She's so gorgeous and stylish!

  3. My sister and I share clothes like no other. I would literally not even pack a suitcase when I'd come home from colllege and just mooch off her things. my mom has an enviable make-up colleciton. so nice to be able to share!:)

  4. agreed I love that I'm the same clothing size as my mum, hello two wardrobes ;)

  5. You look so cute with those stolen glasses! You should wear them often, I wear similar and always get the weirdest remarks, you look lovely!

    <3 Cess O.

  6. thanks for entering my giveaway!

    those glasses suit you so nicely and that chanel illuminator looks incredible! maybe you use it as a primer?

    Vintage Stop at

  7. Those glasses are awesome! My mum's wardrobe is definitely open for (stealing) borrowing - I have found some great stuff in there!

  8. The fact that you took it without properly knowing what it is, is just too funny!
    But I'm just like that with my sisters! We share (almost) everything!

  9. lol you're funny! love how you all share your things! the glasses look great!



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